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Damian Sarandeses is one of the most prestigious DJ producers in the underground electronic scene in Argentina, with more than 25 years playing discs in different places locally and internationally.

His influences from the house and funk of the 70 ‘later the trance and techno made him quickly connect with these sounds and thus start his career as a DJ. His first steps were private parties where he demonstrated his great talent as a musician by making his friends and guest move, he is mostly invited to play in different clubs of Buenos Aires night, such as Column 8, Heaven, Dimension, Cinema, El Cielo entre others. His first residency took place in viva Buenos Aires in 1997, an underground club where he shared a booth with Diego Cid, Diego Ro-K, etc. at that time with Charly DJ and Dj Ice they formed the Under Group DJ where their definite styles of Techno and progressive house made their followers move, following with their special invitations they played in great places like L ‘inferno, Morocco, El Dorado, Aves Porco, Kika etc. At the beginning of the 2000 they began their productions where Trance and Progressive excelled in music, releasing their first album Trance Machine, in 2002 and being summoned to an event in Rio de Janeiro where they made more than 30,000 souls. With the opening of Kimia Club he was summoned for his second residence with his friend and colleague German Sullivan where they excelled in the sounds Progressive House and Tech house at that time shared cabin with Haldo Haidar, De la Monica, Buy, Franco Bianco, Cavalleri, Juan Prior etc. Later on, with his productions that he exported to a large part of the world, he made only three years to produce, labels such as Millenium Record, Tigre Record were the promoters of his productions internationally. Together with German Sullivan they developed electronic events where the parties Electro Club, Moon Dancing and MYSEC stand out together doing radio on Fridays at midnight on FM Trance. In 2006, he created his own label ANIMAL SOUND RECORDS, introducing new national DJs, and over the years, without leaving aside the productions that characterized him for more than 20 years, he began a new stage where he felt connected to the Psychedelic sounds and so begins to produce PSY trance and PSY porgressive where until today carries out the Shine parties by the hand of his friend Fabio del Rio. With more than 5 albums, 40 singles, 15 remixes and 5 EPs, that this DJ does not stop growing and his music is heard in much of the world.

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