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He started his work as a producer in 2019. It aims to create as many quality music and remixes as possible, especially in the Progressive and Melodic style.

From 2017 he is present as an active member of the Hungarian Club Life as a Dj.
From 2014 ‘Proton Radio – Bedroom Bedlam’is also a guest DJ of his show.
2009-2014 ‘Frisky Radio,, RadioNext, Energy Station’
Radio activities and guest appearances Own evenings and guest appearances:

2007-2008 ‘Tabu Longe’ Budapest
2000-2006 ‘Fashion Miro Cafe’ In addition, you can have countless guest appearances behind me at this time as well.

It was then that he became really familiar with the concepts of the entertainment industry and disc jockey. Thanks to his love of music, he knew right away that this was the world in which he could find himself. He then determined to absorb all the theoretical and practical knowledge and try to fit into the world of electronic music.

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