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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Veeco, was born in 1979. He is a Hungary based musician, DJ, producer, remixer and electronic music enthusiast.

* Since 2020 year, Veeco’s main focus has been on his new songs, creating new releases and remixes.
* When not performing at clubs, he spends his time in the studio, and working on his favourite enthusiasm, The Music.
* From 2017 he has became again as an active member of the Hungarian club life as a DJ.
* Since 2014 he is one of the regular guest DJs on the Proton Radio.

* Appeared in radio shows and he was a regular guest DJ on the world leading radio stations, like: Frisky Radio,, RadioNext, Energy Station
* Regular guest DJ at Fashion Miro Cafe (Budapest)
* Hosting own clubnights at Tabu Lounge (Budapest)

Veeco’s music enthusiasm has began in 1995, when he has started to discover the mysteries of the DJ’s world. Thanks to his love and passion for music, he realized soon, this is the world where he wants to belong to. His flawless mixing and his Progressive House DJ sets wowed the crowds in every club. And not last, Veeco belongs to the rare part of the DJ’s who used to play on turntables in the good old times.


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