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I finished José María Ochoa Conservatory of Music (Medium Level) in Percussion studies in 2010.At Middle Level I had a greater approach to lyrical singing, participating in different graduations of Choral Direction.

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I started producing music at the end of 2005, the name of the first album was Fuck The System, which contained 9 tracks; the second was Disonanze with 13 songs, both were a mixture of different genres of the electronic music such as minimal, electro house, trance etc. The third was titled DJ TOTEM, my former artistic name, which is based on different cultures such as the Hindu, with respect to this object called totem.I have collaborated on several occasions with the electronic music group REZAK, with whom I share a Cubadisco award granted in 2017 to our album La Draisiana in the category of electronic and electroacoustic music; With Rezak we also obtained one more nomination in that category the following year at the 2018 Cubadisco Awards with the album La ventana de Overton.2020 year was a year full of creation for everyone … in this year I made productions such as STEIN with 7 tracks, NO_BOTS ep, with 3, TRAVERSE Album of 5 tracks, as well as the production of soundtracks for shortfilms … SEPPUKU by Carlos Méndez and The man who did not fit in the world… Alisa Peláez. Already together with other projects in progress this year 2021 arrives with: TRIPOD ep, with 3 tracks and the production of another soundtrack for teleplay under the name LA BURLA by director Ariel Priet. Im currently working on a couple of EPs for various labels.

DSD159 Havjers – Back Portal Ep [Deepsessions Digital] Deep House

01.Back Portal 7:52 / write & producing by Havjers / Deep House

02.Sudore 7:44 / write & producing by Havjers / Deep House

03.Twisted 7:36 / write & producing by Havjers / Deep House

★ Release date: 11 Nov 2021 / Catalog: DSD159Deepsessions Digital

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