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DSR431 Chris.M – Desire

DSR431 Chris.M – Desire

Label: Deepsessions Recordings

Release date: 15 Mar 2024

Catalog number: DSR431



Jakarta – Indonesian electronic music producer Krishna M Prabawa, formerly started his music production career as “Chris.M” and released the first worldwide ep entitled ‘Sadness EP’ under “Bonzai Progressive” 2008, supported by Airwave at ‘Summer Euphoria’ Album by Ministry of Sound, also included at Solarstone ‘Solaris International’ radio show. Influenced by some of international electronic music artists, his music style is deep progressive, progressive house, with tight drum arrangements and synths.

In 2015 he started his new guise “Jumpers_27” and beings new colors to his music productions to melodic progressive house. First release from Jumpers_27 is “Feel You” under Bonzai Progressive, gain lots of supports and it keeps growing until today.

After his first release, he continue his production and release the second production “Bunaken EP” under “Midnight Coast Group”. This EP got their place very well on the scene, supported on playlists, radio shows, also featured on “The Grand Sound” best of 2017-2018.

01.Desire (8:27) 02.Cahaya (7:29)


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