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DSD259 Volgin – Discovery


In 2005, Volgin took his first steps into music production, crafting Drum & Bass mixes using Adobe Audio. As 2006 rolled in, he had set up a home studio, evolving into the creative mind behind vocals for emerging hip-hop artists and individuals eager to share their talents with those close to them.

Following a period of creative pause, Volgin rediscovered his muse in the works of Space 92, Charlote De Witte, Adam Beyer, Debora de Luca, and Belocca. This newfound inspiration reignited his passion for music production, propelling him into a transformative journey marked by a distinctive blend of energy and melody. Of special note is Volgin’s venture into online radio in 2006, a platform that showcased not only his Drum and Bass mixes but also collaborations with friends from the Myspace community. At its zenith, the radio station connected with over a thousand listeners daily, firmly establishing Volgin’s impact in the ever-evolving musical landscape.

Volgin – Discovery

Tracks: 01.Discovery (6:25) 02.Connect (5:35)
Catalog #: DSD259
Genre: Techno
Exclusive Date: Beatport & Spotify 23/03/2024
Release Date: 06/04/2024
Label: Deepsessions Digital

#dsd259 #Vogin #Discovery #Techno #Deepsessions_Digital #Mar24 #2024


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