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The envy to bring Hip-Hop, Funk and Deep Techno together and make something new with, brought Joel ( Nasty Preacher) and Kevin ( Slapshot) to work on music as a duet.

Available Now @ #beatport • #juno

The fact that they are sharing the same studio and have become longtime friends is no stranger to the birth of this new creative project. For the last 2 years they built a really special artistic profile, they are actually shaping something fresh and interesting in an undefined musical genre that they own perfectly.

The quality of the creations isn’t the result only of the last 2 years, but the both have already a great experience in their own genres since many years.

After a big preparation together, they have released their first EP for the Label Groove Division this year. With amazing feedback from their entourage, they are encouraged to follow their creativity and grow quickly in this musical project.
This is the beginning of an amazing journey.

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