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“Egobrain” is the project of two russian musicians (Nikita Romanchenko and Nikita Danilin) sounding like progressive with some lo-fi and retro elements.The project was founded in 2011 and during this year was released first EP – “Rainy day/Hunting” with Melodic but quite standard progressive sound.

Available Now @ #beatport • #juno

And after that during next 2 years for the project was the time of experiments and as the consequence in 2013 suddenly was released the electro track “Going behind the sun” featuring with russian singer Ilya Belous and year after was done the progressive one – “Sixth ocean”.During 2015 – 2017 “Egobrain” found their own unusual sound and released three new tracks “The Back of Beyond”, “Hidden Flower” and “Meet me in Paris” on some quite known labels including “Sony Entertainment Music”. At the same time the participants of the project developed their side projects: NiRo & JohnyNeverSleep (IDM, Dubstep) and Urban Western (Hip-hop, Karma Rap)2018 was dedicated to re-thinking of “Egobrain” music vision and as result of this right now we are glad to represent you some traditional structures that are mixed with eclectic parties and sound images -“Egobrain” is looking for some old new and deep sound in the release of “Lost Harmony” at “Deepsessions Recordings”.

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