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From his early music began to be an important part of his life, always interested in the sounds and what could be created from them.

At age 8 he began studying piano with over the years sparked some interest in trance and progressive sounds, so it grew, understanding and adopting electronic music as a passion.At 13, inspired by the sounds of Midway, Fictivision & C-Quence, among others, and mystique of the same Tiesto, began creating his own productions and mixes, growing and perfecting every day.After nearly 10 years with the production and after having traveled and played in various Argentinas festivals, such as “Winter Live”, “BPM” “Electronic Summer” among others … and shared booth with renowned dj Argentine, was adapting and incorporating the current trends and sounds.Today it is very focused on the production, signing new originals and remixes with various stamps and two pseudonyms.

Supported By : Alberto Caput, Zisis D, Adham Goda, Daniel Gomez, ernando Ferreyra, Niki Belucci, TESLA, George Marvel, Franzis-D, Deepsense and more..

Artist: Fabrizio Spachuk
Title: Lo Scorpione Ep
Tracks: Lo Scorpione • TBI 140
Cut #: DSR272
Label: Deepsessions Recordings
Released Date: 01/04/2015

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