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Hans Seance is a versatile DJ as well as an enthusiastic and ingenious music producer.

He developed a keen Interest in music production while he was brushing up his technical skills at SAE institute, this made him delve into various genre’s of music. Although after few years of his music interest he categorised himself in playing and producing music genre’s such as progressive house , tech and deep house with knowledge of various other genre’s of music. This upcoming Artist has varied experience in playing for private gigs and now has entered the industry bringing you his very own mesmerising vibe!

Supported By : Tone Deep, Daniel Gomez, CzD, Johan, Dio S,Zisis D, G.HoT, George Marvel, Fernando Ferreyra, Franzis-D, Alberto Blanco, Dr. Avalance, kiss fm ua, Niki Belucci and more..

Artist: Hans Seance
Title: Tibetan Melodies Ep
Tracks: Tibetan Melodies • Borussh
Cut #: DSR271
Label: Deepsessions Recordings
Released Date: 25/03/2015

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