Mikelangelos Project – Sacred Spirit Ep

19 July 2013by Athan0

Mikelangelos Project – Sacred Spirit Ep

Artist: Mikelangelos Project
Title: Sacred Spirit Ep
Tracks: Sacred Spirit • Libelus
Cut #: DSR224
Label: Deepsessions Recordings
Released Date: 17/07/2013
Out Now: BeatportJuno

The 224th release on Deepsessions is out this week and it features the debut of another exciting new producer. Mikelangelos Project hails from Bogota/Colombia and has been building up a nice discography over the last two and a half years with releases on Melodic Records and Smart Phenomnea. His debut EP for Deepsessions is entitled ‘Sacred Spirit’ and it comes with two brand new studio productions.

The title cut begins with a lovely hypnotic groove that’s complemented with some smooth chord changes and well textured synths. As the track slowly builds some nice piano sections get introduced to up the musicality just a touch. The smooth flowing energy takes the piece to a nice harmonic climax at the five minute mark. A gorgeous composition from Mikelangelos Project. The companion piece ‘Libelus’ is a much spookier sounding production with a driving techno groove and some ominous sounding synths. The rough percussion adds a nice shuffle to the groove and the track has a fresh hypnotic energy which builds nicely. The stripped down portion in the middle lets the haunting sounds breathe and the vibe here is incredibly cool yet ominous as the track flows forward to a big finish. Solid EP from Mikelangelos Project and a great release from Deepsessions.

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