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Fabrizio Spachuk – Lo Scorpione Ep [Deepsessions Recordings]

From his early music began to be an important part of his life, always interested in the sounds and what could be created from them.

1 April 2015 Releases Read more

Hans Seance – Tibetan Melodies Ep [Deepsessions Recordings]

Hans Seance is a versatile DJ as well as an enthusiastic and ingenious music producer.

25 March 2015 Releases Read more

CrissCross – Remote Ep [Deepsessions Recordings]

Gromov Konstantin (KryssKross) Russian Dj and musician!f

18 March 2015 Releases Read more

Twenty Pound – Reso Ep [Deepsessions Recordings]

I am Justas (Twenty Pound) 22 years old DJ/Producer from Lithuania.

11 March 2015 Releases Read more

Mr.Kju – Jackpot Ep [Deepsessions Recordings]

Heinz Luchner aka „Mr.Kju“ is a Dj and Producer from Tyrol Austria.His Music Career began in the early 90s. He was playing Guitar in a Punk Band.

4 March 2015 Releases Read more

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