Deepsessions – w/Dmitry Molosh – May 2013 @ Friskyradio

23 April 2013by Athan0
This Month Deepsessions pres. Dmitry Molosh – Wed 08 May 2013

11AM PST | 02PM EST | 2100 Athens


Like many other DJ/Producers who came before him Dmitry found himself playing small clubs and venues in his earlier years. He quickly and steadily gained the respect of his peers and was soon to be recognised as one of progressive house’ finest assets in his native city of Brest.

His passion for playing all things progressive stirred a deeper desire to play a bigger role and to contribute to the scene in a more meaningful way, this led Dmitry on what has been quite a short but intensely fulfilling journey into production to date. In such a short time he has already built an enviable body of work which is signed to some of the most well loved and respected progressive house labels in the industry and has recieved recognition and support from artists including Matt Darey, Beat Syndrome, Hernan Cattaneo, Fernando Ferreyra, Sonic Union, MiraculuM, Paul Lennar, Soulfinder, Nick Warren, Dale Middleton and Vincent Furlong to name but a few.

From his production to his DJ’ing Dmitry is set to become one of the industries most sought after artists.He currently holds membership to one of the most well established and recognisable music festivals in the world….MAYDAY in Belarus and judging by his most recent string of successes and the rate of his accomplishments it will be no great surprise if you see him on the bill of bigger and more notorious events and festivals soon.


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