Vincenzo de Robertis | Italy

Born in Salerno, Italy, begins to approach the music from a young age studying the piano as a child.
Over the years begin to enjoy the music they bought the sisters on vinyl, The Cure, Duran Duran, The Smiths and all the strand 80/90 to finish to house that was beginning to take hold in Italy.Thus began his passion as a DJ began playing in small party of his city.The passion is so great that it led him to elaborate on what style of music that he started attending courses of audio engineering so as to start producing his own music.Refine more and more his style creating a mix of Pad, Rhoades, the warm sounds of deep house and rousing rhythms of techno.In 2008 he released the first EP To be different project work To Be Different formed by Ivo Toscano (boss Hot Potatos rec / Circoloco), Max Rosardo (Recycle rec artist) and the same Vincenzo on Recycle Records(IT).


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