Teig | Atlanta, Georgia

Derek “teig” Roberts is an Atlanta native currently residing in Chicago who has spent most of his life involved with music. Although he discovered electronic music in elementary school, Derek played trumpet and piano both, and still continues to do so, teaching himself complex theory and music perspective in his free time. His long involvement in music matured his taste and perspective, and is still actively shaping his sound to this day.

Derek produces different types of electronic music, both dance music and listening music. Over the past few years, his tastes have become darker, and life events have fueled his production and music. Credits Derek has had include a co-hosting position on Georgia Tech’s studio radio WREK for the show “EDM Sound System”, an album on Nophi Recordings, remixes and releases for Deepsessions (Greece) and Revolt Records (Atlanta), and a release on Beatport for Quanza Records, as well as live events around Atlanta.


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