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Alexandros Kontaras aka Alex Code was born in Greece at the year 1985.From the age of 19 he was interested to electronic music and at that age he started playing electronic music as a dj mostly for friends in private parties.The curiosity of how electronic music is composed made him start producing and finally the year 2012 is the year that he gets his first release.Since then he got several releases to labels such : Insomniafm Digital, Sangria Recordings, Usessions Records,Limeroards Recordings.Many more releases to come on the year 2013 along with his new alliance as Sound Travell3r his alter ego project to major Labels such as Decadence, Soundteller , Stellar Phonics , DeepSessions, Mystic Carousel ,Croroom a.o
His Music gets support from Artists such as : Tim Benjamin,Deersky,Verche, Sasha Le Monnier, Julian Marazuela , James Warren,Constan,Dio S,Marcelo Paladini,Neel V, Adnan Jakubovic, Aman, Paul Gilmore, John D, Zan Preeve,Martin Dassler,Veliades,Stanisha,Nick Wurzer,Loco Volver,Franzis- D and many others.
To the future we except from him many more releases and why not getting involved in some major gigs.


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