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D Punxx

Emir Ahmetovic aka DPunxx producer and DJ from Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina) was born 22.07.1988. His interest for electronic music shows in early 2002/03 listening to techno and progressive. Biggest influence and major inspiration finds in works of Johna Digweeda, Sasha-e , Hernana Cattaneoa, and groups such as Deep Dish i Prodigy. After a certain time, in which deals exclusively with DJ-ing at most local clubs and cafes,in 2008 starts its own production which devotes all his free time. Hard work and efforts finally shown off 2011 after the successful cooperation with a AlvinTech, which results with remix Indian Life(Mind Code) that showed a positive reaction with fans of this kind of music. Shortly after that he joined forces with his friend Mladen (Lexx), who is also a DJ and producer, whitch results with publishing their first EP called “Velvet Love” on Deepsessions Recordings. Velvet Love gets early support from Nick Varon • Fady Ferraye • Ingo Vogelmann • Placid • Niki Belucci • Vanyano and many others. In April 2013 their new tracks are released on many other labels, such as Mistique Music, Hands Up Records, Bos Tech Records , whitch only coniforms his success as a producer.


Mladen Lekic a.k.a Lexx was born in Tuzla (Bosnia&Herzegovina) on 5 th January 1988. His interest in electronic music started in 1996, when he saw some video footage from Love Parade and similar events on tv. In 2003 he started making his first dj sets using cd players and turntables. Some time later, he had his first gig in one of local clubs, and it went very well. Since then, Lexx played in many clubs in Bosnia&Herzegovina, and also in other countries. His favourite genres are tech touse, techno and minimal.


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