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DJustice, born in Dusseldorf in 1991, heard and began to develop a passion for electronic music as a child.

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After completing two apprenticeships in both business and IT, he tried to produce music himself at the beginning of 2021, initially purely as a hobby. He quickly realized that he was enjoying this a lot and that his artistic talent was coming to fruition.

DSD167 DJustice – Fragments Ep [Deepsessions Digital] Deep House

01.Fragments 4:44 / write & producing by DJustice / Deep House

02.Clouded Minds 5:43 / write & producing by DJustice / Deep House

03.Find Out 4:21 / write & producing by DJustice / Deep House

04.Blaze 5:09 / write & producing by DJustice / Deep House

★ Release date: 15 Feb 2022 / Catalog: DSD167Deepsessions Digital

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