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Romano Joubert also know as “JvyRomo”, a 23year old Producer/DJ know for his sound described as relaxing, emotional with a soulfull touch.

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JvyRomo’s healing sound infuses smooth soulfull harmonies into contemporary african rhythms – creating a unique sound that keeps you in a chilled mood.Born and raised in South Africa, Johannesburg, Germiston. JvyRomo’s role models were Producers/DJ’s like Black Coffee, Ralf GUM, Vinny Da Vinci, Dj Christos, Rocco Rodamaal, Jullian Gomes, just to name a few.JvyRomo’s love for music started in 2012 , a few laters he around 2017 JvyRomo decided to futher his craft and learned how to produce his own music. He has been working on improving his sound and still to bless with his music.”I’m working on improve my sound, as I move closer to mastering my sound.”

DSD156 JvyRomo – Momentos Ep [Deepsessions Digital] Deep House

01.Momentos 7:11 / write & producing by JvyRomo / Deep House

02.To The Moon 7:14 / write & producing by JvyRomo / Deep House

03.Her Smile 6:42 / write & producing by JvyRomo / Deep House

04.My Star 7:42 / write & producing by JvyRomo / Deep House

05.The Touch’er 6:44 / write & producing by JvyRomo / Deep House

06.I Feel Pain Too 6:33 / write & producing by JvyRomo / Deep House

★ Release date: 07 Oct 2021 / Catalog: DSD156Deepsessions Digital

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