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Start His musical career in 2010.Mixing with computer at parties and raves in the city of Oaxaca Mexico, imposing the genre on all demands in the public.

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in 2011 receives the 3rd place award worldwide by Rolling Stone magazine! On top of Chemical brothers who were in 4th place, the electronic genre in Oaxaca, hometown of Mad Volt, was short, which led to Mad Volt’s emigration to Mexico City, which in 2012 would turn him into the youngest producer in innovate with the new style of music that it presented.Supported by various artists of international stature, such as “cesar di constanzzo” Vj Cube, Loos and kloon, visual artist of great fame worldwide.

Mad volt develops a new style of music taking the beats to another level. Interacting with the public and developing productions inspired by the best video mappings in the country and in the innovative style of its Italian mentors, Mad Volt grows strongly, by 2015 Mad Volt consolidates his career as a producer and engineer, being certified as an operator in Germany by the company “steinberg” and receives the recognition of cubase and nuendo in operation of the system, at the same time it gains the approval in London by the company “Trinity” in musical theory, after this in the year 2017 with only 23 years “Mad Volt “arrives in Rome” Italy “city that baptizes him as the youngest Mexican star to reach that country!From that day on, Mad Volt realized that the talent he possessed was completely searched in Europe, he decided to start making music for the world, not only for friends.

After several dates in various important places in the country! Mad volt begins to become a trend in the capital. What makes him invite him to touch all the places in Mexico.On the tour called “Aurora Prismatic” (album that was signed in brazil)

Mad volt experiences urban genres on another level. Taking it this way to the experimentation and the concernizacion of the innovation and the new figure of futuristic genres and sounds out of orbit.

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