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Assel – Shaman Ep [Deepsessions Digital]

Assel – Dj, Sound Producer, resident of the night club BoyZ (Moscow).

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Fickry – Under Water [Deepsessions Digital]

Fickry was born in Jakarta in 1985 and was drawn to the fast-growing rave scene of the 90’s.

He started Dj in 2007 playing house music and producing music in 2010 being influenced by the house , deep and tech house virus and it took many years of experiments untill he came up with his release on many record label such as Bedroom muzik (Dj Wady Publishing) [US] , Deux Mind Records [Colombia] , Suma Records [Spain] , Chuggy Traxx [Denmark] , Itom Records [Hungary] , Crossworld Academy [London] , Purple Sun Records [London] , PumpzMusic [France] , And many more. Fickry is the kind of producer that likes to innovate and to allways refine his varied sound pallette surprising the audiance in the best way. His dj sets have a distinctive peronal touch delivering you a perfectly balanced mixture of groovy beats, techy beats and musical emotiones that will get you high. Facebook

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Deepsessions – Jan 2015 @ Generate Project

Deepsessions @ Generate – Fri 09 January 2015

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Humar – I Want Be Own Ep [Deepsessions Digital]

The duo electronic musicians from southern RussiaHumar project was created in the south of Russia, in 2010.

it was composed of two very different but with a common purpose, a participant.During the four years of live performances at various venues Russian club, the project engage the various instrumentalists and vocalists.As well, the project was organized a large number of author events.

Supported By : Daniel Gomez, Deepsense, Dj niki belucci, Fernando Ferreyra, George Marvel, Magnetic Brothers, Zisis D, kiss fm ua, matthias leisegang and more..

Artist: Humar
Title: I Want Be Own Ep
Cut #: DSD106
Label: Deepsessions Digital
Released Date: 08/01/2015
Tracks: I want Be Own • Last Day

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Deepsessions – Dec 2014 @ Generate Project

Deepsessions @ Generate – Fri 12 December 2014

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