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DSR443 Mirza – Think


A Musician From India.

Growing up, his head was always filled with imagination and creativity ,Born in a vivid Culture such as Bharat (India), surely music has an impact on him since childhood and had a deep love for music, but it wasn’t prominent till his early teenage years, when all this love started taking over him. He was obsessed with it. From singing in the class room with his friends to performing in the school events. By his teenage years he was sure of what he wanted to do but don’t know where to start, that is when he first downloaded his first music making program.

Started making beats, learned the art of production through the internet, now his obsession meld into his life purpose.The purpose of inspiring and having a positive impact on your life, like those who had on him and shaped his life trough there music. That is why he say’

Mirza – Think

Tracks: 01.Think (3:10) 02.Feel You (4:48)
Catalog #: DSR443
Genre: Progressive House
Exclusive Date: Beatport & Spotify 05/06/2024
Release Date: 19/06/2024
Label: Deepsessions Recordings

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