DSR430 Martin Cantrill – Distant

22 February 2024by Athan
Martin Cantrill is an artist in the world of electronic music, specializing in Progressive House and Melodic Techno. His journey began with an insatiable passion for crafting sonic stories that evoke deep emotions. Martin reached new heights by gracing the decks at the iconic Ministry of Sound Club’s Baby Box, delivering a mesmerizing set that...

DSR425 Tetractys – Like An Animal

17 January 2024by Athan
Tetractys is a DJ and producer of electronic music from Lamia, Grecce. Tetractys, who specialize in techno music, have gained recognition in the national and worldwide music scene for their distinctive sound and aesthetic.Tetractys’ music is distinguished by its complicated rhythms, throbbing basslines, and hypnotic melodies, drawing inspiration from a range of genres. His songs...

DSD248 Marc Boh – Send Off

4 January 2024by Athan
Marc Boh, a German-born Deep House and Techno producer based in Sydney, Australia, has made waves in the local club and rave scenes with his distinctive sound. Drawing inspiration from icons like Ben Böhmer, Boris Brejcha, and others, his music blends the emotive depth of Deep House with the pulsating rhythms of Techno. Renowned for...
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Diego Rios, also known as LeDie, is a Honduran DJ, Techno/Melodic/Progressive music producer and musician, currently based in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. DSD187 LeDie – 1998 [Deepsessions Digital] Progressive House 01.1998 7:45 write & producing by LeDie / Progressive House 02.Nacimento 7:12 write & producing by LeDie / Progressive House ★ Release date:...

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