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Masank ( Zaina Enrico) in 2020 started to devote himself completely to his new project.

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The constant musical experimentation, the sacrifice and the big wish to grow
are the 3 main points on this project are based.

Erstav is a project founded in 2015 as the result of a constant research for aesthetic and rhythmic elements in music and sound design pushing towards the underground border of the electronic music scene.The collision of different worlds and influences is obvious in Erstav’s music, with sound sources ranging from foley recording of old toys to analog and digital synths, drum machines and modular systems layered in a mix of elements from different genres such as dubstep, grime, techno, IDM and industrial.

DSR348 Masank – Agida Ep [Deepsessions Recordings] Progressive House

01.Agida 6:04 / write & producing by Masank / Progressive House

02.Bodrum 8:17 / write & producing by Masank / Progressive House

03.Innervision 5:47 / write & producing by Masank & Erstav / Progressive House

★ Release date: 05 Apr 2022 / Catalog: DSR348Deepsessions Recordings

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