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Paul Munics – On The Groove Ep [Deepsessions Digital]

Born in Bernal,Argentina.Paul Munic developed as DJ since 15 years.

16 April 2015 Releases Read more

Sully-K – A Journey Ep [Deepsessions Digital]

Sully-K uncovered techno Switzerland in the 90s.

19 March 2015 Releases Read more

United Sounds Of Bass – View Of A Shadow Ep [Deepsessions Digital]

I’m Kerem Ciftci.I’m 19.I’m living in Istanbul,Turkey.I love House Music.

12 February 2015 Releases Read more

Deep L Dove – Organic Ep [Deepsessions Digital]

Deep L Dove is an Ukrainian DJ and producer of Deep House.

5 February 2015 Releases Read more

Humar – I Want Be Own Ep [Deepsessions Digital]

The duo electronic musicians from southern RussiaHumar project was created in the south of Russia, in 2010.

8 January 2015 Releases Read more

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