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Samugo – Nothing Belongs Here Ep [Deepsessions Recordings]

Samugo – Nothing Belongs Here Ep [Deepsessions Recordings]

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My name is Mattia, I’m originally from the north of Italy.

2 years ago I moved to Austria for my studies and I’m producing progressive/melodic techno music since the end of 2019 under my alias called “Samugo”.I started with the production of music something like 10 years ago, when a friend of mine introduced me to Fruity loops (now FL studio). Of course, the first steps handling the software were hard, but I kept on practicing and in the early 2020’s I got my first music contract.Producing was some sort of an On and Off relationship for me and I tried to produce different styles of music, but I never had the feeling that I like what I was doing, but luckily things changed for the better. When I started to make music again after a 2 years brake, where I also found out what I liked, Progressive House / Melodic Techno. I initially created Samugo to show one of my friends a new track that I made without telling him that it was me so I could get a real feedback and not some stupid: “It’s good!”. The idea of calling me Samugo came spontaneous. I can remember that it was a Saturday and me and my roommates ate spaghetti with sugo for lunch. So, I combined Saturday (Samstag in German) and sugo => Samugo. Later I googled the word and I found out that it was Spanish for “a stubborn person, not very talkative”, and I really liked it, because that’s how I am sometimes (or maybe often according to some friends).

Started as a fun side project in the end of 2019 Samugo is now something more serious. First contract deal was made in the beginning of 2020 and now he is ready to takeover. With unique and atmospheric, dark sounds he is one that doesn’t sound like others. 10 years ago, he found his passion in music, which he then started to produce. Expect to hear more about Samugo, the time for him has come.

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