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DSR316 Dansaert – Everything Ep

DSR316 Dansaert – Everything Ep

Label: Deepsessions Recordings

Release date: 05 Feb 2021

Catalog number: DSR316

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Dansaert is an eclectic Belgian artist, producer and DJ. His productions cross a wide range of music styles, he has produced almost all genres of electronic music styles: house, deep, electro, progressive, indie-dance, techno and more. With a constantly evolving sound, Dansaert loves to experiment with and cross over into various musical genres.Since 2012 he has been released dozens of tracks and EP’s under the monikers Max:miliaN and Dansaert.His most listened and last track “Skulpt” has been released end of 2020 under Belgian label TechSign Records.

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01.Everything 6:20 / write & producing by dansaert / progressive house

02.Talking About 4:45 / write & producing by dansaert / progressive house

Release date: 05 Feb 2021 / Catalog: DSR316Deepsessions Recordings

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