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DSR260 Deep-Felt – Aurora Ep

DSR260 Deep-Felt – Aurora Ep

Label: Deepsessions Recordings

Release date: 22 Oct 2014

Catalog number: DSR260



The Voice Of The Soul


Release date: 22 Oct 2014 / Catalog: DSR260Deepsessions Recordings

01.Aurora 6:10 / write & producing by deep-felt / mastered by athan / progrsv house

02.The Voice Of The Soul 8:00 / write & producing by deep-felt / mastered by athan / progrsv house


Deep-Felt – real name Alexander Burich (Dj, sound producer), he was born 08/07/1988 . Passion for music manifested itself in childhood, over time, it grew into a dream of becoming a DJ. Alexander listened to a lot of different styles of music, electronic artists. His idol was «The Prodigy», «Depeche Mode» . The career of Dj Alexander began in 2008, playing in styles such as Techno, Progressive and Minimal. Studied a little, taking the example from the best DJs. He was always interested in writing music, since 2009 he began to try to write. Even without musical training, he was able to realize his dream and learn how to create music. One of the most important of his credo, “Do not stand still,” he always tries to write in different styles. In recent years, he fell in love is such styles as – Deep and Progressive. Since 2010 playing in many clubs in Ukraine. Managed to get the fame, probably, because of his approach to music. Alexander during the playing at the club is focused on the listeners, so special attention to the selection of tracks. Alexander is constantly improving his level, working on the style, consider one of the best representatives of: Armin van Buuren, Deadmaus, Above & Beyond, Moonbeam, Guy J. Alexander did not stop until the reach of world-class!