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DSD138 Buben – Blank Verse Ep

DSD138 Buben – Blank Verse Ep

Label: Deepsessions Digital

Release date: 22 Feb 2018

Catalog number: DSD138

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Blank Verse
Dry Answer


VLADISLAV BUBEN is the founder of a number of genres in electronic music in Belarus and the cultic musician who influenced several generations on the Belarusian electronic stage. Vladislav created several radio projects and a TV show for Belarusian MTV about alternative electronic music (“Did you call for electricians?”, 2007-2008). Now he is the main coordinator for the festivals Unsound-Belarus and InTouch as well as concerts and events producer.Buben creates musical projects in different styles (techno, house, break beat, break core, ambient, experimental and industrial). Vladislav recorded collaborative projects with a number of alternative artists from Germany, the U.K, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Lithuania etc. Buben’s music has been released on 61 labels around the world. Now he has created his own studio – Big Buben Studio – dedicated to release Buben’s pieces.Buben is currently subscribed to the following house music labels: Big Mamas House Records, Platform 7, Afrosoup, Deeplomatic Recordings, LaDemenza Music as well as Proton Radio label group (Klinic Lounge, Maniana Records, Evoked Records, Selivan Music).Vladislav performed in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Belgium,Latvia, Poland, Lithuaina, Moldova, Russia, Hungary and Austria. Facebook

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01.Blank Verse 6:13 / write & producing by buben / house

02.Census 7:51 / write & producing by buben / house

03.Dry Answer 6:39 / write & producing by buben / house

Release date: 22 Feb 2018 / Catalog: DSD138Deepsessions Digital

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