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Mattca – Jesus [Deepsessions Recordings]

Mattca – Jesus [Deepsessions Recordings]

My real name is Mateusz. Born in Poland in 1989. My Passion for music started with rock and classic rock music at early age.

I played guitar for some time. Over the years my love to music shifted to electronic music especialy house and techno. I am addicted to creating things. As a kid I started production with ejay techno. After a long break I back to music production because it allows me to connect two things that gives me joy in life… Creating and music. Mostly I focus on house music but I’m not afraid to experiment with other genres…see more

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01.Jesus 10:57 / write & producing by Mattca / Progressive House

02.Primal 5:53 / write & producing by Mattca / Progressive House

★ Release date: 12 Aug 2021 / Catalog: DSR326Deepsessions Recordings

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