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Mas – Grand Duchy Of Tuscany Ep [Deepsessions Recordings]

Mas – Grand Duchy Of Tuscany Ep [Deepsessions Recordings]

Develops interest in electronic music in the mid 90s in Tuscany (ITA), a pretty much ‘epoch making’ region for the whole southern European clubbing scene.

He has some appearances as dj always in 5 stars locations spinning mainly house/tech house. Arrives in London in 2007 well aware of the minimal sound that was prevalent at that time. Here in London starts to experiment with own productions, mainly house. A collaboration with Progressive guru Jesse Skeens (Medway) in 2010 has opened new doors in his music boundaries.

Artist: Mas
Title: Grand Duchy Of Tuscany Ep
Tracks: Boboli Gardens • Villa Medici In Fiesole
Cut #: DSR275
Label: Deepsessions Recordings
Released Date: 03/06/2015

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