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E.V. Lanche – Synergy [Deepsessions Digital]

E.V. Lanche – Synergy [Deepsessions Digital]

I’m a 21-year-old music producer whose goal is to create music that I enjoy and make people emotional, energetic, and/or happy with my music.

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I will be more than happy to talk to fans and listeners alike about the emotional impact of music, jokes, life, and anything in between— If I have the time, of course ^^; In terms of personal life, I don’t like to talk about too much as I don’t think it is too remarkable, but I’m currently in my last year in law school and I’m looking forward to finding an audio-related job afterward as I found out that making music and playing around with audio is my true passion!

DSD158 E.V. Lanche – Synergy [Deepsessions Digital] Deep House

01.Synergy 7:11 / write & producing by E.V. Lanche / Deep House

★ Release date: 03 Nov 2021 / Catalog: DSD158Deepsessions Digital

★ Available Now



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