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Deepsessions – w/Mikelangelos Project – October 2013 @ Friskyradio

Deepsessions – w/Mikelangelos Project – October 2013 @ Friskyradio
This Month Deepsessions pres. Mikelangelos Project – Wed 09 October 2013

11AM PST | 02PM EST | 2100 Athens


Mike was born in Bogota/Colombia, his affection for music was evident even from an early age, initially hard rock music was his passion and he actively pursued this passion by playing the piano in some rock bands.

After the global expansion of music channels on TV club music caught his attention.He began to experiment with software to produce his own electronic music taking his passion for producing his own music in a new direction.

After years of experimenting Mike now feels he has finally found his own unique sound and style within the music and he now aspires to draw inspiration from all genres of electronic music and produce very special sounding hypnotising music which can only be categorized as Mikelangelos Project own unique style of Electronic Music.

His latest productions has been signed by great labels such as Plusquam Records(Format B, Umek, Fatboy Slim, Sebastien Leger and David Guetta) Silvana Records*Germany*, Proton Music Label, Deepsessions Recordings and Avenue Recordings(Mario Ochoa).



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