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Dan Mlinar & TWH – Journey

Dan Mlinar & TWH – Journey

Dan Mlinar & TWH – Journey

Artist(s): Dan Mlinar & TWH
Title: Journey
Tracks: Original Mix • Schegg Remix
Cut #: DSR216
Label: Deepsessions Recordings
Released Date: 08/05/2013
Out Now: BeatportJuno

This month Deepsessions welcomes »Dan Mlinar & TWH» on the label.The duo presents an Ep with one Original and one Remix from Schegg.

The Original Mix is a Deep Progressive track,very atmospheric with wonderful melodies especially for warm up sessions.

Schegg is coming to change the style with a Deep Tech Mix.Groovy elements and atmospheric feeling from the Original are showcased nicely.

Release Promo

The 216th release on Deepsessions Recordings sees the debut of Dan Mlinar to the label. The German producer was inspired by Darin Epsilon’s “Perspectives” radio show many years ago and has since played in many of the most fashionable clubs in his home country. For his debut on Deepsessions he has teamed up with fellow German producer Theodore W. Hanny aka TWH who is his regular collaboration partner. The duos debut single is entitled “Journey” and it comes with a remix from: Schegg.

The “Journey” original begins with a tough progressive groove that’s surrounded by lovely atmospheres and soft melodic keys. The blissful vibe gradually builds with warm sweeps and intricate electronics towards the break. The drop is expansive and flows through a variety of atmospheres and themes which includes a cool radio sample which is really captivating. The groove comes back in incredibly strong with some wicked modulation on the bass line which builds to a boil during the second half. Awesome stuff from Dan and TWH.

The lone remix of “Journey” comes from Schegg who also hails from Germany; Munich to be exact. Schegg has crafted a slightly funkier rework with some great groove on the bass line and shuffling drums which should go down great on the floor. The famous “Let There Be Light” speech flows through the drop which climaxes with a big gaseous sweep and the funky groove dropping back in. The playful melodies and glassy atmospherics carry the track through to a smooth climax which rounds out another solid Deepsessions release. Some great up and coming talent from Germany it seems, a great signing for Deepsessions!

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