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Anestis Bazakas – Inside Your Eyes Ep

Anestis Bazakas – Inside Your Eyes Ep

Anestis Bazakas – Inside Your Eyes Ep

Artist: Anestis Bazakas
Title: Inside Your Eyes Ep
Tracks: Inside Your Eyes • Urban Drops
Cut #: DSR222
Label: Deepsessions Recordings
Released Date: 03/07/2013
Out Now: BeatportJuno

The 222nd release on Greece’s Deepsessions Recordings is out this week and it features the return of Anestis Bazakas to the label. The Greek producer dropped his “Stratosphere” EP in February of this year and has since had a nice release on USessions. Anestis” new EP for Deepsessions is entitled “Inside Your Eyes” and it comes with two brand new original productions.

The title cut has some amazing atmospheric drive that’s going to be huge at peak time. Tough beats combined with a wavering hypnotic energy drive the track towards the main break. Here the hovering atmosphere and soft washed out pads create a wonderful drone-like vibe which produces some really effective tension. The beats come back in strong and the second half builds more great melodic energy for a smooth finish. The companion piece “Urban Drops” comes with a similarly tough framework but the warm bassy tones and soft synths provide the perfect contrast. The clattering drums deliver some serious punch throughout the track while the smooth melodies present the perfect emotional touch. Two very strong tracks from Anestis Bazakas which make for a great EP once again from Deepsessions.

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