What rights you assigned to us/What assure you to us?

You assure, that you are the owner from all rights, from the track and you don´t impinge somebodys rights. That is very important. You must guarantee that no accapellas, sounds, beats is copy from other artists.

What kind of deal do you offer?

Artists get 50% from the profit,and remixers 25% deducting all charges. We make for you a account, every 4 month. We make it available on request for you. We remit your money all 4 month.

What infos are needed?

Please fill out and send the attached formular “personal informations” per email to

– Demo Tracks – full unmastered 320 Kbps

– Links – rapidshare,sendspace and more..

– Your myspace or website

– Your biography

– Photo

Will this be a digital or vinyl release?

Every release will be digitally distributed to all the major download sites

Our releases are available at 100 Download Shops : Dj Shop,Beatport, iTunes, DJ Download, Juno Records, Napster, DJMR, eMusic, Audiojelly, Real Rhapsody, Amazon, Wasabeat, DanceRecords, Jamvana, Masterbeat, Dj Tunes, Digital Tunes and more..


We are looking for Progressive House, Breaks, House, Downtempo,Trip Hop.


Please send demos to the following email-address only

File too big for email: Try or

All demos will be listened to. Snippets and/or partial tracks will NOT be considered.

If we are interested, we will get back to you shortly.

Quarter Schedule:
Q1-Jan-Mar / Q2-Apr-Jun / Q3-Jul-Sept / Q4-Oct-Dec

Report/Payment Dates:
Q1: June 5-10 / Q2: Sept 5-10 / Q3: December 5-10 / Q4: March 5-10

Contacts :

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