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Assel – Shaman Ep [Deepsessions Digital]

Assel – Dj, Sound Producer, resident of the night club BoyZ (Moscow).

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DSD142 Assel – Shaman Ep


Assel – Dj, Sound Producer, resident of the night club BoyZ (Moscow).

Assel prefers the following styles in her music: deep house, tech-house, house, g-house, techno, future house, bass house.

Her music is sounds in the club sets of many well known DJs and Producers in the country. Her remixes & tracks repeatedly can be heard on the different radio stations.

Her dj-sets are full of power dance energy and mix of different styles of house music. They don`t leave anyone indifferent and sound in many different parties which are filled with good quality club music and fashion progressive people. Year after year Assel gains more and more fans, listeners and becomes a significant figure in the night dance life.

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01.Shaman 4:05 / write & producing by assel / tech house

02.Sundar Rakhim 5:01 / write & producing by assel / tech house

Release date: 19 Dec 2018 / Catalog: DSD142Deepsessions Digital

Available Now @ #beatport • #juno

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Deepsessions – October 2017 @ Friskyradio

1.Intro Deepsessions
2.Groj – Woolongong (Original Mix) [Flora]
3.Christopher Hermann – LAmour (Nava Remix) [Hot Cue Music Promo]
4.Singular – Heaven (Juan Basaldua Remix) [Hot Cue Music Promo]
5.Nightboy – Smyrna (Alec Araujo Remix) [Hot Cue Music Promo]
6.Glenn Molloy – Nahreh (Christian Monique Remix) [Mystic Carousel Records]
7.Ivanshee – Misty Patrol (Original Mix) [Just Movement]
8.Kensi Kamaro – With The Groove (Christian Monique Remix) [Mystic Carousel Records]
9.Matias Chilano -Sorry I Am Late (Original Mix) [Just Movement]
10.John D & Kassio – Eclipse (Fabrizio Spachuk Remix) [Hot Cue Music Promo]
11.Nicolas Van Orton – Hay Grises (Paul Hamilton Remix) [Balkan Connection]
12.Robert R. Hardy – Verum (Nicolas Van Orton Remix) [Superordinate Music]
13.David Di Sabato – Sirius (Pacco & Rudy B Remix) [A Must Have]
14.Lee Cassells – Obscure Reality (Yuriy From Russia Remix) [Addictive Sounds]
15.M3SIA – Synthetic (Marcelo PM Remix) [AH Digital]
16.Andrologic – City Lights (Pacco & Rudy B Remix) [Majestic Family Records]
17.Billy Alex – Massimo (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection]
18.Chicola – Sidechain Memory (Original Mix) [Sudbeat Music]
19.Infusion – Love & Imitation (Guy J Remix) [Vapour Recordings]
20.Ivanshee – Horizon (Original Mix) [Just Movement]
21.Emiliano Demarco – Enigma (Haadling Remix) [Estribo Records]

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