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DSR308 Annonhakhi – Life Ep

DSR308 Annonhakhi – Life Ep

Label: Deepsessions Recordings

Release date: 28 Dec 2019

Catalog number: DSR308

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Annonhakhi is a 28-year-old Colombian producer DJ, lover of good music and good vibes, inclined by genres and subgenres such as the Deep House, Progressive House, Minimal Techno, Tech House among others.Being dj crossover, he found a taste for electronic music and the aforementioned genres.Leaning towards that musical line. In 2016 he made the decision to study music production at Antifona Music Academic. Since then he has been practicing and studying to create his musical style, a style that has atmospheres that make you navigate in seas of sounds, wrapping all your senses in a positive vibe. Use rhythms that lead to wanting to move your hands and feet, their deep bass lines push you towards the dance floor.

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01.Life 4:40 / write & producing by annonhakhi / progressive house

02.Chaman 7:09 / write & producing by annonhakhi / progressive house

Release date: 28 Dec 2019 / Catalog: DSR308Deepsessions Recordings

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