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DSR294 Nicolas Mazzoni – Santa Fe Ep

DSR294 Nicolas Mazzoni – Santa Fe Ep

Label: Deepsessions Recordings

Release date: 28 Feb 2017

Catalog number: DSR294

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Santa Fe
Nicolas Mazzoni
Your Imagination Is The Limit
Nicolas Mazzoni

Nicolas Mazzoni begins to play at the age of 12 in some pubs in his area. Gradually it was internalizing itself in the call “Underground” mixing deep and progressive sounds. He is a member of the duo Underbross along with Ariel Enrike. This duo has productions such as Beyond the Road, Posseidon and many more released under the labels Grooves Digital Records and Ambber Records. Currently Nicolas is playing Progressive House and Techno in Pubs and Discotheques of Buenos Aires, mainly in Puerto Madero and Costanera Norte, with its sounds that characterize it, and also is part of the duo Two Guys Playing House next to Alex Shostak. Facebook

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