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DSG021 Dimitri Skouras – Aurora Ep

DSG021 Dimitri Skouras – Aurora Ep

Label: Deepsessions 4Greeks

Release date: 13 Sep 2016

Catalog number: DSG021

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Journeys Into Space
Dimitri Skouras

I was born in Athens Greece on 1980. My first step in music was in 1994, when i bought my first electric guitar. At the beginning, i started experimenting with different kind of chords in the guitar, taking my first lessons in music. On 1997, after graduating from the Greek Lyceum, i started a course in Computing on Dudley College of Technology, near Birmingham. I got the diploma of Access to Computing, which gave me the opportunity to enter the University of the West of England, in Bristol, for a Bachelor Degree. My stay at Bristol was, indisputably, a great experience to my musical journey, as i got the chance to expand my musical influence in electronic music.With knowledge in Computers and music culture, i attended A.K.M.I. institute on 2002 for a 2 year course in Music Technology. I started having a clearer point of view on music production and especially on how to make it using technology. On 2004 i started producing tracks at my home studio and until now, i have gained a respected confidence on my techniques, on producing electronic music.I have also worked as a sound engineer in theatrical productions in Athens Greece.

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