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AtmoNoise | Greece

AtmoNoise was born in the city of Xanthi of Greece on 1st Jan 1983. From his 13 years old started listening metal, punk rock bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeath, Sex Pistols, Bad Religion and more.
From 18 years old started like Trip Hop/Electronica genres bands like Portishead, Massive Attack, Thindersticks and more.
Form 23 years old he started listening Progressive, House, Tech, Deep Tech genres. This Sounds helped AtmoNoise open new door’s in his dj world.
AtmoNoise in 2005 started music producing and creation learned lessons for music softwares like Cubase, Nuendo and Logic pro.
Today AtmoNoise working on his house studio with Logic Pro for Creation, Remixing, Producing and for his dj shows use Traktor Pro.
He got successful dj shows on worldwide internet radios and one album on beatport named AtmoNoise – Blue Queen.

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AtmoNoise – Infamous Ep

DSR212 AtmoNoise – Infamous Ep

Artist: AtmoNoise
Title: Infamous Ep
Tracks: Imfamous • LuLu Road
Cut #: DSR212
Label: Deepsessions Recordings
Released Date: 27/03/2013

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Igor Zaharov & Sober System – Thin Line Ep

DSR210 Igor Zaharov & Sober System – Thin Line Ep

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Marwan Jaafreh – Crossing The Line Ep

Marwan Jaafreh – Crossing The Line Ep

Artist: Marwan Jaafreh
Title: Crossing The Line Ep
Tracks: Crossing The Line • Wet Moments • Pandora
Cut #: DSR209
Label: Deepsessions Recordings
Released Date: 20/02/2013

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Anestis Bazakas – Stratosphere Ep

Anestis Bazakas – Stratosphere Ep

Artist: Anestis Bazakas
Title: Stratosphere Ep
Tracks: Stratosphere • Stigmes
Cut #: DSR2087
Label: Deepsessions Recordings
Released Date: 06/02/2013

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