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Echonoiz – Distance Ep [Deepsessions Digital]

Echonoiz Is a music producer from evia island, Greece.

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DSD131 Echonoiz – Distance Ep

Echonoiz Is a music producer from evia island, Greece. He is 23 years old and music has been his passion from early age. He started as a guitar player in a local band for 2 years.After the band was disolved he got involved in electronic music production. He was more interested in Ambient and dark techno thus he experimented with this type of music. His music is characterized from dark atmospheric sounds & rhythmic grooves. Facebook

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Deepsessions – Apr 2017 @ Friskyradio

1.Intro Deepsessions
2.Namatjira feat Mz Sunday Luv – Wergaia (Original Mix) [3rd Avenue]
3.Low Contrast – Flow (Original Mix) [Exit 32]
4.Experimental Feelings ft. Gizella – Can We Try (Gai Barone IN Depth Remix) [Bonzai Progressive]
5.Echonoiz – Sonar (Original Mix) [Deepsessions Digital]
6.Robert R. Hardy – Aestas (Original Mix) [Superordinate Music]
7.Ilya Gerus – La Rosa Profunda (Original Mix) [3rd Avenue]
8.Agustin Basulto – Four Of Us (Original Mix) [Sound Avenue]
9.Magnetic Brothers – While Asleep (Original Mix) [Deep Blue Eyes]
10.Bona Fide & Johnny Leoni – Violine Of Love (Pophop Remix) [Acker Records]
11.Mariano Montori – Connecting The Dots (Original Mix) [3rd Avenue]
12.John-D – Conscendo (Original Mix) [Hot Cue Music]
13.Kenshi Kamaro – Sand Fox (Christian Monique Remix) [Mystic Carousel Records]
14.Robert R. Hardy – Sensibus (Marcelo Paladini Remix) [Balkan Connection]
15.Julian Rodriguez – Ulinpit Disconnection (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection]
16.Sergei Spatz – Nevada (Hot TuneiK 6AM Remix) [Balkan Connection]
17.Hot TuneiK – Ancient Voices (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection]
18.Julian Rodriguez & Andrei Niconoff – Cross Roads (Pacco & Rudy B Remix [Superordinate Music]
19.Addictive Glance – How Far Youve Gone (Evgeny Lebedev Remix) [Addictive Sounds]
20.James Holden feat. Julie Thompson – Nothing (AE Project Remix) [CDR]

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